Skills to Suit Any Project or Location

Our construction experience is extensive with roles including site, project and construction management on multiple projects throughout Australia with contracts for private, commercial, government interests including the Department of Defence.  Past projects working from Cairns in Queensland to Broome in Western Australia and isolated townships such as Bathurst Island and Katherine, Tailor-Made Building Services has an intimate knowledge of the Australian construction industry.

Now based in South - East Queensland Since 2023

A Professional Ethic to All Clients

There is an old saying in the building industry that “it is easier and cheaper to change it on paper now than when the bricks and mortar are being laid”. Too many building companies prey on clients this way, and we seek to change this and run by the recommendation and reputation we have developed as fair, equitable and understanding.

A client once remarked the following, which stood to us as the exact reason for hiring such a comprehensive and open building and construction company in Darwin: “I run and own a trucking company, I know trucks back to front, I know how to load them, drive them and look after them to service my needs, but when it comes to building a facility on paper to completion, this is why I have engaged you.”

Tailor-Made Building Services know that not all clients will understand the entire design, construct and build process, and we pride itself in going into full detail with the client prior to the building phase. TMBS do business in this manner so you can understand just exactly what is happening and watch your dream project grow from the ground up.

Custom & Cost Effective Building Services

Well versed in all forms of construction from conventional to prefabricated, structural steel including post tensioned and precast concrete, our range of capabilities and completed works can be seen in our Project Summary portfolio. Tailor-made Building Services respects the industry and has numerous past and repeat clients who have offered their time and recommendations of the works and services provided at the request by any prospective client.

Professionals doing construction