A Tailored Construction and Project Management Process

Tailor-Made Building Services Pty Ltd specialise in full turnkey developments for clients from conceptual design to development applications and approvals. The strength of our business is founded in our core principles of quality and fairness and our comprehensive capabilities in all areas including documentation, permits and navigating town planning.
Our open and honest approach to what can be done and advice regarding cost penalties and proactive cost saving alternatives offered to the client, has been appreciated since we began trading. The following is an example of the typical construction process from inception to delivery.

Town Planning and Development Approval

A Development Approval Stage is required by the Town Planning Department in all councils to approve that the type of development acceptable to the site and to comply with the “Town Plan”. This step takes from 3-4 weeks for simple and compliant designs up to 12 weeks for a complete submission review for plans that lie outside the general town planning guidelines.

Construction Design Documentation

Tailor-Made Building Services will arrange a skilled team of design consultants from architectural, structural, civil, hydraulic and electrical expertise to document the exact requirements of the project. During this phase of the works Tailor-made will oversee the consultant team to ensure project coordination along with cost effective construction methodology and solutions.

Construction Shop Drawings

Organising detailed construction shop drawings for specific manufactured items is essential for structural steel, precast panels through to joinery. These drawings will be required to be completed before the manufacture of these items are commenced and TMBS assure they fit with the project and client requirements. Generally these items have the longest time requirements of the building process as they represent one of the most critical stages of the construction period.

Building Permit Approval

We will arrange for all of the required documents to be submitted for building approval to a registered and preferred building certification authority. The turnaround for this coordination is generally a maximum of 3 weeks.

Project Construction

The culmination of all these stages allows us to commence the timely construction of the project. Achieved with a team of dedicated subcontractors who understand the timeliness, quality and coordination of trades in order to deliver each and every project as documented and as expected by the client. The reflection of our quality and dedication can be seen in client testimonials that have been issued to Tailor-Made Building Services from satisfied customers.

Expert doing project construction